Many people, including new attorneys or ones with little or no experience in handling DUI's, believe that a DUI is no different than a traffic ticket.  However, DUI's are unique in that they have both a criminal and a civil punishment, which requires an attorney who understands both parts.  The criminal aspect of a DUI includes the possibility of a jail or prison sentence and under certain circumstances such imprisonment may be mandatory.  The civil aspect of a DUI includes the loss of your driver's license either being suspended or revoked as well the State of Illinois requiring you to purchase special high risk insurance.  In addition, the criminal and civil parts of a DUI have different rules and require different evidence.  The two parts of a DUI are also independent of each other meaning you could win one part and still lose the other part.  Moreover, the loss of a driver's license under the civil portion could potentially result in criminal charges at a later date which can also carry a mandatory jail or prison sentence.  A DUI cannot be expunged or sealed and will remain on your driving record forever.  

You need an attorney with the knowledge and experience to help make sure that you are fully represented for all parts of a DUI and not just half.  This is even more important if you have a non Illinois driver's license.  I have handled over 1,000 DUI's, and I understand what it takes and have the knowledge and trial experience to help protect your rights for all aspects of a DUI.  Contact the Zuber Law Office for help to make sure you have an experienced trial attorney to fight for your rights.