Do I need an attorney?

The legal system is complex and confusing.  An attorney can help you with the procedures and more importantly an attorney can protect your rights.  In addition, many cases require you to go against an attorney.  Remember, even a simple traffic ticket requires you to go against an attorney.

What should I look for in an attorney?

In choosing an attorney you should look for the following traits:

1.  Knowledge in the type of law concerning your case.

  • Not all attorneys practice all types of law and it is important that your attorney is qualified to handle your type of case. You would not want a foot doctor performing brain surgery on you and like doctors, attorneys tend to focus on specific areas of law.

2.  Experience.

  • You need an attorney that has the experience to recognize how to best handle your case.

3.  Respect.

  • You need an attorney that will respect you as a person and not just a dollar sign. Every case is different and every person has their own unique story that affects how their case should be handled.

How much will it cost?

Every case is different so there is no one size fits all price list.  Fees may be hourly, a flat fee, or in some cases a contingent fee.
For a further explanation, please contact my office so I can discuss the matter in more detail.

How can the Zuber LAW OFFICE help me?

If you are reading this then chances are you or someone you know has a legal issue.  I offer almost 20 years of experience as a dedicated trial attorney who can help you when you need it most.  I pledge that you will be treated and respected as a person and that I will handle you and your case with dignity while at the same time fighting to protect your rights.